Truckers are the Backbone of American Economy

Truckers are arguably the most significant contributors to the American economy and this is emphasized by the fact that 70% of total freight tonnage is actually handled by truckers. This indicates that Over The Road and Big Rigs service in excess of 9.2 Billion tons annually which is a huge achievement when considered against the actual impact it has on the economy. American truckers are the unsung heroes with their massive effort which entails the transportation of goods to strategic destinations for processing or consumption by the general population.

How trucking contributes to the economy

Creation of jobs

The trucking industry is a hub of activity and the jobs that have been created within the industry are significant. 3 million people in the US are in the heavy duty truck driving industry and it another significant fact that cannot be overlooked is the 7,000 new jobs that are created on a monthly basis. In the warehouses and storage areas where the trucks get their products from and the depots where they deliver the goods, 2,800 jobs are created every month which is a significant contribution to the eradication of unemployment in the US.

Revenue streams

The revenue flow in the trucking industry is in excess of $700 billion which means that the taxes collected from the revenue streams contributes to the growth of the US economy and thereby establishes a steady operation system for the federal state. The high freight volumes contribute to the increased revenue streams which in turn mean taxable income becomes significant.

Delivery and transportation of raw materials

In a bid to cement the importance of truck driving and overall transportation facilitated by heavy duty trucks; the industries including paper manufacturing, chemical and oil companies all depend on truck transportation for delivery of raw materials to the specific manufacturing and processing plants. This drives the economy through allowing the processing and manufacturing process to continue which in turn delivers the finished product to the consumers who are taxed with the revenue heading to the federal reserves.

Growth of truck assembly and manufacturing plants

With the ever increasing demand for the trucks that can satisfy the need for transportation in place, truck assembly and manufacturing plants have grown in order to ship out more trucks for the target market. Most trucking companies either update or add to their fleet and to place it in perspective, the demand for class 8 trucks for sale has risen to over 375,000 which highlights the opportunity and level of customer need in place.

The bottom line

The contribution of Big rigs and heavy duty trucks to the American economy has been greatly placed under wraps. The significant element of their contribution towards all sectors of the economy is the important factor that has to be identified. Trucking services the agricultural, energy and corporate industries which are all central to the economy of the United States. By transporting fertilizers and other inputs, ferrying oil and raw petroleum products from one depot to the next and transporting finished products and manufactured goods from one state to the next; truck drivers ensure that the economy runs and that goods and services are present as and when they are needed. For more information visit us now! 

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