Buying a Used Work Trucks instead of New is a Wise Investment

As a business owner who is looking to expand his fleet of trucks you are faced with two options – do you buy brand new from a dealer or can you get used work trucks that are in relatively good state? Most people will tell you that buying new is the best way to go – you are guaranteed that the trucks are in top condition because they have never been used. While this may be true, you should stop and think about the benefits if buying used vehicles. One thing that most people don’t know is that as soon as they drive a brand new out of a dealership it drops in value straight away, sometimes by up to 20%, which means that you have just lost a lot of money. It makes sense to buy used work trucks because of the following advantages:

•    They may be just as reliable as brand new trucks

The obvious concern when it comes to used vehicles is whether they can be relied upon to function properly. In the past, many second-hand vehicles broke down because not enough inspection was done before they were sold. Today, you need to get certification on the working condition of any vehicle before you can sell it. The inspection is done by an independent party and warranties are issued based on the results of the inspection.

•    You save a lot of money

So long as the proper inspections are carried out on used work trucks for sale they should work just as well as new ones, and you will be getting them for a fraction of the cost. You will save your business a lot of money that can be out to other uses, such as expanding production capability or marketing. Remember we also mentioned at the beginning that depreciation affects a new car more than an older one. If you want to sell off the trucks after a certain period you can make them more profitable by installing new features that appeal to buyers.

•    Insurance and interest rates

In case you don’t know it, the cost of insurance on older vehicles is less than that of new vehicles. That is because new trucks have a higher value. Interest rates will not be very different between the new and used trucks so buying used work trucks makes sense from this perspective. If you buy from a private owner you may also end up avoiding additional costs such as taxes and DMV fees.

•    You have a wider variety to choose from

If you buy new trucks you will be limited to models that were released recently. If, however, you buy used work trucks you have a wider variety to choose from because you are choosing from models released in the past.

•    You can avoid new-model problems

Although technology has advanced we often get vehicles being recalled shortly after release because something is wrong with them. If you buy used trucks there is no chance that this could happen – they have been tried and tested by other users and they have passed.

Where can you find used work trucks for sale?

The best place to find trucks for sale is online. There are websites where owners of trucks who are looking to sell list their vehicles as well as their contact information. If you see a truck that you like just contact the owner and schedule all the necessary inspections.

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