Truckers are the Backbone of American Economy

Truckers are arguably the most significant contributors to the American economy and this is emphasized by the fact that 70% of total freight tonnage is actually handled by truckers. This indicates that Over The Road and Big Rigs service in excess of 9.2 Billion tons annually which is a huge achievement when considered against the actual impact it has on the economy. American truckers are the unsung heroes with their massive effort which entails the transportation of goods to strategic destinations for processing or consumption by the general population.

How trucking contributes to the economy

Creation of jobs

The trucking industry is a hub of activity and the jobs that have been created within the industry are significant. 3 million people in the US are in the heavy duty truck driving industry and it another significant fact that cannot be overlooked is the 7,000 new jobs that are created on a monthly basis. In the warehouses and storage areas where the trucks get their products from and the depots where they deliver the goods, 2,800 jobs are created every month which is a significant contribution to the eradication of unemployment in the US.

Revenue streams

The revenue flow in the trucking industry is in excess of $700 billion which means that the taxes collected from the revenue streams contributes to the growth of the US economy and thereby establishes a steady operation system for the federal state. The high freight volumes contribute to the increased revenue streams which in turn mean taxable income becomes significant.

Delivery and transportation of raw materials

In a bid to cement the importance of truck driving and overall transportation facilitated by heavy duty trucks; the industries including paper manufacturing, chemical and oil companies all depend on truck transportation for delivery of raw materials to the specific manufacturing and processing plants. This drives the economy through allowing the processing and manufacturing process to continue which in turn delivers the finished product to the consumers who are taxed with the revenue heading to the federal reserves.

Growth of truck assembly and manufacturing plants

With the ever increasing demand for the trucks that can satisfy the need for transportation in place, truck assembly and manufacturing plants have grown in order to ship out more trucks for the target market. Most trucking companies either update or add to their fleet and to place it in perspective, the demand for class 8 trucks for sale has risen to over 375,000 which highlights the opportunity and level of customer need in place.

The bottom line

The contribution of Big rigs and heavy duty trucks to the American economy has been greatly placed under wraps. The significant element of their contribution towards all sectors of the economy is the important factor that has to be identified. Trucking services the agricultural, energy and corporate industries which are all central to the economy of the United States. By transporting fertilizers and other inputs, ferrying oil and raw petroleum products from one depot to the next and transporting finished products and manufactured goods from one state to the next; truck drivers ensure that the economy runs and that goods and services are present as and when they are needed. For more information visit us now! 

Buying a Used Work Trucks instead of New is a Wise Investment

As a business owner who is looking to expand his fleet of trucks you are faced with two options – do you buy brand new from a dealer or can you get used work trucks that are in relatively good state? Most people will tell you that buying new is the best way to go – you are guaranteed that the trucks are in top condition because they have never been used. While this may be true, you should stop and think about the benefits if buying used vehicles. One thing that most people don’t know is that as soon as they drive a brand new out of a dealership it drops in value straight away, sometimes by up to 20%, which means that you have just lost a lot of money. It makes sense to buy used work trucks because of the following advantages:

•    They may be just as reliable as brand new trucks

The obvious concern when it comes to used vehicles is whether they can be relied upon to function properly. In the past, many second-hand vehicles broke down because not enough inspection was done before they were sold. Today, you need to get certification on the working condition of any vehicle before you can sell it. The inspection is done by an independent party and warranties are issued based on the results of the inspection.

•    You save a lot of money

So long as the proper inspections are carried out on used work trucks for sale they should work just as well as new ones, and you will be getting them for a fraction of the cost. You will save your business a lot of money that can be out to other uses, such as expanding production capability or marketing. Remember we also mentioned at the beginning that depreciation affects a new car more than an older one. If you want to sell off the trucks after a certain period you can make them more profitable by installing new features that appeal to buyers.

•    Insurance and interest rates

In case you don’t know it, the cost of insurance on older vehicles is less than that of new vehicles. That is because new trucks have a higher value. Interest rates will not be very different between the new and used trucks so buying used work trucks makes sense from this perspective. If you buy from a private owner you may also end up avoiding additional costs such as taxes and DMV fees.

•    You have a wider variety to choose from

If you buy new trucks you will be limited to models that were released recently. If, however, you buy used work trucks you have a wider variety to choose from because you are choosing from models released in the past.

•    You can avoid new-model problems

Although technology has advanced we often get vehicles being recalled shortly after release because something is wrong with them. If you buy used trucks there is no chance that this could happen – they have been tried and tested by other users and they have passed.

Where can you find used work trucks for sale?

The best place to find trucks for sale is online. There are websites where owners of trucks who are looking to sell list their vehicles as well as their contact information. If you see a truck that you like just contact the owner and schedule all the necessary inspections.

Best Value for Used Truck for Sale in Greensboro

If you have identified a number of problems with your current Truck, perhaps based on its performance, it is advisable that you get a replacement. If your budget won’t allow for a brand new Truck, a used Truck will work just fine. Unfortunately, for every good used Truck in Greensboro there is a badly maintained Truck. So the question remains, how can you avoid choosing the wrong Truck? To start with, you must understand the type of vehicle you are looking for, if it’s available and which dealer in Greensboro has it. Once you answer those questions, you can use the following additional tips to find your ideal Truck.

Tips for finding used Truck for sale in Greensboro

Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina in terms of population, with such a diversity that you are sure to find good used Trucks. Poorly maintained Trucks may also be found among them. So how can you sieve through?

  1. Consult a Truck expert. The secret is to have as much information as possible about the Truck you want. Talk to a Truck expert about the Truck you want. Arming yourself with information ensures you are not ambushed with surprises about your Truck once you find it. Remember, buying a Truck requires you to have as much background info as possible. Don’t forget to ask about important aspects like the warranty if available.
  2. Do your homework on the Truck. You are fortunate this is the digital age where you can use the internet to get all the information you need. By using the internet, you can compare prices from different sellers enabling you to make a more informed decision.
  3. Do a long test drive on your Truck. Once you have found the Truck, it is crucial to ensure it matches your needs. Why not give it a long distance test drive? Accelerate, brake and negotiate corners to make sure the stability of the Truck is good. If you find these aspects questionable, then you have not found the ideal Truck and you need to keep looking.

Finally, while finding used Trucks in Greensboro, it is important not to compromise on your specifications as this may come to haunt you in the future. Before dishing out the big bucks to a dealer, make sure you are satisfied with all the parameters that pertain the vehicle. There you have it, the tips above should ready you for your next Truck expedition.


Looking for Trucks for Sale in Greensboro NC

There are several ways to find Trucks for sale in Greensboro NC. If pressed for time, checking the Internet is simply recommended. With just a few clicks, you can browse through countless new and previously owned Trucks sites and blogs. There are also blogs dedicated to finding Trucks that will effectively meet your budget. You can also check automotive sales ads online, as well as within weekly circulars and vehicle magazines and trade publications. Whether looking for compact Trucks, luxury sedans, power trucks, or even SUVs, you are guaranteed to find a myriad of Trucks that priced to meet your specific needs and wants.

New and Used Truck Lots

While it’s great to search the web, Truck lots are still your best bet. With hundreds of new and pre-owned Trucks available, there are always special deals and promotions happening. Since they want your business, most salespeople are willing to meet your requests and demands. They can also help you with financing, along with test drives and even insurance. From sports Trucks to family models and vans, finding Trucks for sale in Greensboro NC is simply a phone call or e-mail away. All you have to do is contact the lot to arrange a walking tour of the lot. This, however, is usually relegated for customers that know exactly what vehicle they want. Most people simply visit the lot and connect with expert and certified sales representatives.

For Sale Ads

For sale ads are always available online. They are also listed within newspapers, as well as automotive sheets and other publications. No matter which type of used Truck you are looking for, it is sure to be listed within these ads. The latter is also helpful because it lists make, model, year, color, and other essential information. In recent years, sellers have also included VIN numbers to ensure these sales are legitimate and valid. Furthermore, potential buyers can enter these VIN numbers online to check for past accidents and mishaps. If you are looking to buy or sell a Truck online, there are several portals that will facilitate your needs within time and budget.


Greensboro, NC, is an expanding and growing city. As a mobile society, there are countless Trucks on Greensboro’s roads and highways daily. If planning to relocate to this fine city, you will definitely need a Truck to get around. While public transportation is always available, you will have to deal with overcrowded buses. Even with traffic at its peak, however, there is nothing like the freedom of owning your own Truck in Greensboro, NC.